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The Title of the Joke Rating Humor Category Type
  36 things you'll never hear from a Redneck! 11111 General Redneck Lists/Top10
  Tips for Moving South...Yee-Haw! 11111 General Redneck Lists/Top10
  Roadkill again? 1111 General Redneck One Liners
  Ford 1111 General Redneck One Liners
  Using the Elevator 1111 General Redneck Stories
  You might be a Redneck JEDI if... 11111 General Redneck Lists/Top10
  Phone For Texas Aggie 1111 General Redneck Stories
  134 Redneck Warning Signs (Long Joke) 11111 General Redneck Lists/Top10
  Texan Computer Terms 1111 General Redneck Lists/Top10
  'Twas The Night Before Xmas- Redneck 1111 General Redneck Stories
  Jeff Foxworthy in the Middle ages 111 General Redneck Lists/Top10
  Arkansas Vasectomy 111 General Redneck Stories
  Country Tunes 1111 General Redneck Lists/Top10
  Texan Heimlich Maneuver 11111 General Redneck Stories
  License Plate 11111 General Redneck One Liners

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