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The Title of the Joke Rating Humor Category Type
  Zen Buddhist Buys a Hotdog 1111 General Puns Stories
  Athletes 111 General Puns One Liners
  Definition of Panda 111 General Puns Stories
  Christmas party 1111 General Puns Stories
  Firearms 111 General Puns Stories
  Piano vs Mine Shaft 111 General Puns One Liners
  Play on words :) 1111 General Puns Stories
  The new car. 11 General Puns Stories
  Really Corny 111 General Puns One Liners
  Snow White and her Prince 11 General Puns One Liners
  Witches Brew 111 General Puns One Liners
  Two pieces of string walk into a bar... 111 General Puns Stories
  Computer Died 111 General Puns One Liners
  Doctors Daiquiri 1111 General Puns Stories
  One and the same. 111 General Puns Stories

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