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The Title of the Joke Rating Humor Category Type
  My husband's last wish! 1111 General Ethnic Stories
  The Irish Driver 11111 General Ethnic Stories
  Two Quickies. 1111 General Ethnic One Liners
  No Jobs. 11111 General Ethnic One Liners
  You Know You're in New York City When... 1111 General Ethnic Lists/Top10
  Indian Humor 1111 General Ethnic Stories
  what's the difference... 1111 General Ethnic One Liners
  My boy(s) Leroy! 11111 General Ethnic Stories
  Shooting Cans! 1111 General Ethnic Stories
  Heaven and Hell 111 General Ethnic Lists/Top10
  The Jew, American, and Pollack. 1111 General Ethnic Stories
  Jumping on the bed 1111 General Ethnic One Liners
  Baby Sitting 111 General Ethnic One Liners
  Learn how to talk southern 111 General Ethnic Stories
  International Travellers Bloopers 1111 General Ethnic Lists/Top10

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