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The Title of the Joke Rating Humor Category Type
  Centipede 1111 General Animals Stories
  Preparing Chickens 1111 General Animals One Liners
  Dog Rules 1111 General Animals Lists/Top10
  New Dinosaur Theory? 1111 General Animals Stories
  Horse Sense 11111 General Animals Stories
  Gorilla Capture 1111 General Animals Stories
  The Three Moles 111 General Animals Stories
  How To Catch A Polar Bear 1111 General Animals One Liners
  Cow Priced Like A Car 1111 General Animals Stories
  Elephant Riddles Five 111 General Animals Lists/Top10
  Elephant Riddles One 111 General Animals Lists/Top10
  Elephant One Liners 1111 General Animals Lists/Top10
  National Books About the Elelphant 1111 General Animals Lists/Top10
  Elephant vs Ants Soccer Game 1111 General Animals Stories
  Quiz For My Smart Friends 11111 General Animals One Liners

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