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The Title of the Joke Rating Humor Category Type
  Pat and Mike at the brewery. 111 General Ethnic Stories
  Just Ducky! 111 General Animals Stories
  The Race 1111 General Miscellaneous Stories
  The bad-mouthed parrot! 111 General Animals Stories
  Bras 11111 General About Kids Stories
  What Gets Bigger and Bigger? 1111 General Work/School Stories
  Ticket Please 1111 General Lawyer Stories
  Let me say grace! 1111 General Relationships Stories
  The World of High Finance 111 General Miscellaneous Stories
  Power of the Internet 111 General Computer Stories
  The cat diet! 111 General Animals Stories
  Truth Be Told 111 General Relationships Stories
  The Blonde Kidnapper 1111 General Blonde Stories
  Four Kids 11111 General About Kids Stories
  Why firemen have dogs 1111 General Animals Stories

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