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The Title of the Joke Rating Humor Category Type
  Seminars for Females/Males 1111 General Gender Slam Lists/Top10
  10 reasons why a dog doesn`t use a computer! 11111 General Animals Lists/Top10
  Aging 1111 General Elderly Lists/Top10
  New Words for the 90s 11 General Miscellaneous Lists/Top10
  Some Warning Signs of Insanity 11111 General Idiots Lists/Top10
  14 Lawyer Quickies. 1111 General Lawyer Lists/Top10
  10 Ways To Tell If A Redneck Has Been Working on a Computer 1111 General Redneck Lists/Top10
  VanGogh Family 111 General Miscellaneous Lists/Top10
  For Chocolate Lovers 111 General Miscellaneous Lists/Top10
  Smoking doesn't kill people... 1111 General Miscellaneous Lists/Top10
  Revenge of the Blondes! 111 General Blonde Lists/Top10
  Advertisements 111 General Media Lists/Top10
  12 Things NOT to Say if Pulled Over 11111 General Miscellaneous Lists/Top10
  Rules Guys wished Girls knew... 1111 General Relationships Lists/Top10
  Only in America! 1111 General Miscellaneous Lists/Top10

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