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Frequently Asked Questions

1: I don't understand, what's this all about? offers you the opportunity to add jokes to your site, for free! We have 3 different options for adding jokes to our pages:
  1. Put a keyword search box on your page and let visitors search for the jokes they like.

  2. Put a dropdown menu on your site, linked to various categories of jokes.

  3. Add a full joke site with thousands of jokes to your pages that looks just like your existing website.

2: I want to build a whole joke site but I don't know HTML, can I still do this?
You do have to know some basic HTML to add the full jokes website option to your pages, but if you can code a basic webpage, you should have no problems with customizing our service to match your page by editing two files: The Header and the Footer.

The Header is the top of your page. Put your title or title graphic in this (using basic HTML code). You can add whatever you like to this area, but keep in mind that we show a banner at the top of our pages so you will want to keep your graphic or title text reasonably small, or visitors will have to scroll a lot.

The Footer is the bottom of your page. Customize this area to exactly match the bottom of your webpages. You can add a navigation menu here, a counter, anything you like.

Your new jokes service will appear between the Header and Footer.

3: How do I add the drop down or search box to my site?
When you register as a member of Jokesgalore we give you special copy/paste codes you can paste into your webpages. The code is available in the Members Area, in the 'Get Your HTML' option. Copy the code you want for your page, and then paste the code wherever you want the drop down menu or search box to appear on your page.

If you are not familiar with Copying and Pasting click here for a quick tutorial!

4: How do I change my member account information?
Just login to your account with your username and password, and click on the 'Maintain your account' option in the Members Area. You can update your email address, website URL and more.

5: I don't want Adult jokes, can I turn them off?
Yes you can remove all of the Adult material from your joke service, just login to your Member account and click on the 'Customize the main look of your joke site' option. Then indicate you wish to remove the adult content on that page.


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