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Presently viewing...   Witches #4
Audience: General    Humor Rating: 1 1    Category: Halloween    Type: One Liners
CLICK TO E-MAIL Why did the witch give up fortune telling? There was no future in it.

What does a witch get if she is a poor traveler? Broom sick.

What did the doctor say to the witch in the hospital? With any luck you'll soon be well enough to get up for a spell.

What do witches race on? Vroomsticks.

Why do witches scratch themselves all the time? Because they're the only ones who know where a witch itches.

How can you tell when a witch is really ugly? When a wasp stings her and it closes his eyes.

Have you heard about the good weather witch? She's forecasting sunny spells.

What is a witch's favorite movie? Broom at the Top.

What makes more noise than an angry witch? Two angry witches.

What do you get if you cross a flea and a witch? Very worried dogs.

What happened to the witch with an upside down nose? Every time she sneezed her hat blew off.

What kind of music do witches play on the piano? Hag-time.

What should you expect if you drop in on a witches home unexpectedly?
Pot luck.

What do witches sing at Christmas?
"Deck the halls with poison ivy...."

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