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CLICK TO E-MAIL There were three men. Joe, Rich, and Scott.

They were all camping in the woods, and they knew they had to
stop for the night. Joe suggested they stop where they were
right there, a nice clear, wooded area. Rich agreed, but Scott
disagreed, because there was nothing interesting around, only

They kept hiking for a little longer, and came across a small
clear area, right next to the highway. Both Joe and Rich wanted
to stay there because there were no stumps or moss around, and
the sounds of the cars could help to put them asleep. Scott
said no, because he found a small ant farm 500 meters away, and
was scared the ants might come and get them.

So they kept hiking, and finally they came to the end of the
woods and stepped onto the highway. Scott was mystified, and
wanted to sleep right smack dab in the middle of the highway.
It was interesting, and he wanted to look at all the different
license plates as they drove by. Joe and Rich were upset
because, obviously, that was the LAST place that they wanted to
sleep. But they were too tired to argue, so they set up
their tent in the middle of the highway and went to sleep.

They slept soundly through the night, but were awakened a couple
of times by the sound of cars beeping, and crashing. The next
morning, they awoke early and noticed a huge pileup of cars
right off the highway, in the spot they had earlier chosen.
Feeling proud, Scott said:

"See, guys? Imagine what would of happened if we slept there
last night!"

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