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Presently viewing...   Weathermen Are Nuts
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10. Every night, his forecast is: "It's raining men, hallelujah!"
9. Often asks anchorwoman to switch clothes with him.
8. Uses expensive radar equipment to track Michelle Pfeiffer.
7. "Satellite photos" look suspiciously like Polaroids of a desk globe.
6. Appears to have the first spring robin in his mouth.
5. Seen checking into a Motel 6 with a half-inflated weather balloon.
4. Every night he says, "Lordy mama, it's gonna rain root beer tomorrow!"
3. The symbol on his weather map for an arctic cold front is a snowman giving the finger.
2. Looks a lot like this pinhead. (videotape of Dave in his TV weatherman days)
1. He's got a tropical storm in his pants.

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