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Presently viewing...   Three Men and a Refrigerator
Audience: General    Humor Rating: 1 1 1 1    Category: Relationships    Type: Stories
CLICK TO E-MAIL There was a man named Joe, and his wife, Tracy. Joe believed that Tracy was sleeping around with other men while Joe was at work. So one day, when Joe went to work, he waited ten minutes and came back to his house, pretending to have forgotten something. Joe lived in an apartment building, and all the apartments had a patio on one side. As he was coming into his house, he spotted a man hanging off of his patio. Thinking that the man had been sleeping with his wife and was running away, Joe was so mad that he picked up his refrigerator and threw it onto the man, killing him. Later, he felt so bad about the whole thing that he killed himself.

Up in heaven, Joe met up with two other men who introduced themselves as Derek and Adam. Joe thought he might know Derek, who looked like his fingers had been broken. Adam was very good-looking, and Joe was sure he didn't know him.

God came to let them in and said, "I only have room for one more, so the person with the best story gets in, okay?"

Joe went ahead and told the story above.

Derek, the one with the broken fingers, said, "I was potting flowers when I tripped and fell over the side of my patio. Luckily I caught myself on the patio below me. Then, all of a sudden, this refrigerator falls on me!"

Adam simply said,

"Imagine yourself naked, in a refrigerator."

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