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There were three men living together in London, a Trinidadian a Barbadian and a Jamaican, who were all starving because they didn't have money to buy food. However, upon coming close to a posh restaurant they came up with a plan.

The Trinidadian went in first. After being seated he ordered a three-course meal with white wine. When he had finished the meal the waiter came by with the cheque. "But I paid you" the Trinidadian shouted.

The waiter was very confused as he could not remember being paid, but as he did not want to cause any trouble...he let the Trinidadian leave.

Five minutes later the Barbadian walked into the restaurant and ordered a five-course meal with red wine. When he was finished eating, the waiter came by to collect the money for food. "But I paid you" The Barbadian shouted.

This time the manager came and had to calm down the Barbadian, and as he did not want anything to upset the other customers, he let the Barbadian go.

Ten minutes later the Jamaican walked in, sat down, lit a cigarette, and ordered the most expensive meal on the menu plus two Red Stripe beers. After he had finished, the waiter came to collect the money for the meal and before asking for it, the waiter said, "Sir... I have been having a sort of problem all day and I can't understand it. Other people like you came in earlier and ate and they said that they paid me but I don't remember getting any money from them, so........

"Before he could finish, the Jamaican chimed in loudly, "Hear mi nuh boss, that ah fi yu problem dat? Jus gimme mi change!"

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