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Presently viewing...   South Carolina Dumb State Laws
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It is illegal to display a confederate flag on a courthouse.

By law, if a man promises to marry an unmarried woman, the marriage must take place.

Railroad companies may be held liable in some instances for scaring horses.

A railroad my not remove itself from a town of more than five hundred people.

Fortune tellers are required to obtain a special permit from the state.

Dance halls may not operate on Sundays.

No work may be done on Sunday.

An exception to the above law is that light bulbs may be sold.

Musical instruments may not be sold on Sunday.

Performing a U-turn within 1,000 feet of an intersection is illegal.

It is considered an offense to get a tattoo.

Horses may not be kept in bathtubs.

It is illegal to sell any alcoholic beverages on Sunday, unless you own a private club.

A permit must be obtained to fire a missle.

It is illegal to give or receive oral sex in South Carolina.

When approaching a four way or blind intersection in a non-horse driven vehicle you must stop 100 ft from the intersection and discharge a firearm into the air to warn horse traffic.

It is perfectly legal to beat your wife on the court house steps on Sundays.

Every adult male must bring a rifle to church on Sunday in order to ward off Indian attacks.

It is a capital offense to inadvertently kill someone while attempting suicide.

A person must be eighteen years old to play a pinball machine.

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