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Presently viewing...   Power to the farmers!
Audience: General    Humor Rating: 1 1 1 1    Category: Redneck    Type: Stories
CLICK TO E-MAIL This one big lawyer from the city decided to take time away from his busy day and went out to the farm and shot a duck.

The farmer walks out Of his building upon hearing the shot and screams at the city guy - "HEY You Cant shoot that duck on my property. That duck belongs to me. Hand it over!"

The city guy says, 'Hell no I shot him so I get to keep him!"
The farmer and the city boy decide to settle it country style (which is to kick each other in the nuts till the other one falls over")

So the farmer goes first and slams the city boy a nice hard stiff kick. Upon receiving the kick, the city boy damn near colllapses from the pain.

The city boy regains his balance And studders "Its my turn"
The famer looks at him and says - "aw Hell, keep the damn duck!

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