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Presently viewing...   Politically Correct Terms
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the establishment--white power elite

hearing person--temporarily aurally abled

sighted person--temporarily visually abled

blind--visually challenged

mute--vocally challenged

deaf--aurally challenged

dead--metabolically different

alive--temporarily metabolically abled

ugly--aesthetically challenged

fat--gravitationally challenged

heavy-set--people of mass

rude--politically correct

psychopath--socially misaligned

crooked--ethically challenged

klutzy--kinesthetically challenged

bald--follicularly challenged

short--differently statured

non-white, non-male oppressed--white melanin impoverished / genetically oppressive

white male--oppressor




minority group--numerically challenged group; under-represented population

black--person of color

Chicano--person of color

weird green freak--person of color

female--person of gender

drooling drunk idiot--person on floor

group of blacks--Under-Represented population of persons of color

Group of Whites--L.A.P.D.






pregnancy--parasitic oppression

janitor--sanitation engineer

disabled car-mechanically challenged car

dish washer--utensil sanitizer

dairy--where cows are raped

ranch--where cattle are murdered

egg ranch--where hens are raped

biology department--where animals are tortured and then murdered to fulfill the sadistic fantasies of white male scientist lackeys of theimperialist drug companies

fishing--raping the oceans

farming-- exploiting mother earth

nhl hockey--uniformed fascists vying for superiority

paper bag-- processed tree carcass

Many of the labels from the 80's are now passe. Here is a partial list of the denotations that are now acceptable (all labels are subject to change without notice).

old 80's/90's

deaf/hearing impaired/aurally challenged

blind /sight impaired/visually challenged

retarded/mentally handicapped/mentally challenged

queer/gay/homosexual/queer (strange but true)

fat/big boned/alternative body image

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