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Presently viewing...   Missouri Dumb Laws
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• It is illegal to have oral sex.

• Single men between the ages of twenty-one and fifty must pay an annual tax of one dollar (enacted 1820).

• It is not illegal to speed.

Missouri Dumb City Laws:


• In this small town of only 4,000, yard waste may be burned any day except Sunday.


• You can not have a antenna exposed outside of your house yet you can have a 25′ satellite dish.

• Though clotheslines are banned, clothes may be draped over a fence.

• One may not drink in a bar between 2:00 and 6:00 AM.

Kansas City:

• Minors are not allowed to purchase cap pistols, however they may buy shotguns freely.

• Installation of bathtubs with four legs resembling animal paws is prohibited.


• Minors can buy rolling paper and tobacco but not lighters.


• It is illegal for more than four unrelated persons to occupy the same dwelling (The Brothel Law).

• Frightening a baby is in violation of the law.


• It shall be unlawful to provide beer or other intoxicants to elephants.


• Dancing is strictly prohibited.

St. Louis:

• It’s illegal to sit on the curb of any city street and drink beer from a bucket.

• A milkman may not run while on duty.

University City:

• Four women may not rent an apartment together.

• No person may own a PVC pipe.

• No person may have a “yard sale” in their front yard.

• Houses may not have lights on them that shine into the window of a neighbor’s house.

• It is illegal to request for someone to “watch over” your parked car.

• One may not honk another’s horn.

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