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CLICK TO E-MAIL A man walks into an insurance office asking for a job. "We don't need anyone," says the sales manager. "You have to hire me. I can sell anyone, anytime, anything." The manager responds, "Well we have two rich people than no one can sell. If you can sell just one of them, you have a job." The man was gone a few hours returning with two checks, one for a $150,000 yearly premium, the other for $250,000. "How the heck did you do that," the manager asked. "I told you I'm the world's best salesman, I can sell anyone, anytime, and anywhere!"

"Where's the urine specimen?" replied the manager. "What's that?" he asked. "When selling a policy over $100,000 the company requires it. Use these two bottles and bring back urine samples." Finally he returns 6 hours later, walking in in with two five gallon buckets. He reaches in his shirt pocket producing two bottles of urine and sets them on the desk. "Here they are."

"That's terrific," the manager grins and asks "what's in those two smelly buckets?" The man smiles back and answers, "Well, I passed by the law association. They were having a wild convention and I sold them a group policy!"

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