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Presently viewing...   Clinton Bumper Stickers
Audience: General    Humor Rating: 1 1 1 1    Category: Political    Type: Lists/Top10
CLICK TO E-MAIL Here are some "actual" bumper stickers reportedly seen on cars around the DC area:

HONK! If you had sex with the President
Clinton: We forgive you...Now Resign!
Al Gore: One heartthrob from the Presidency
Adultery IS NOT a family value
Does character matter YET?
One More Whore And We Get Gore
Bill Clinton: Commander in Heat
My President Fooled Around with Your Honor Student
Jail to the Chief
Today kids no longer play doctor, they play President
The Clinton Creed: Take Credit Not Responsibility
If his private life doesn't matter, let him date your daughter.
Save the President: Legalize Perjury
Two terms for Clinton: the second in jail
Clinton: Our Nation's Fondling Father

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